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Juridische termen

Betaalplannen in Brazilië

You can travel now and pay the rest later with a payment plan.

If you’re in Brazil and meet the following criteria, you may have the option to pay the total amount over the course of two or more monthly installments for a fee—which you can review when you choose the number of installments at checkout.

  • Your currency is Brazilian real (BRL)
  • You’re paying with a credit card issued in Brazil
  • The billing country for your payment method is Brazil (ex: The billing address you provided to your credit card company is in Brazil)
  • You’re not booking with an Airbnb gift card
    • You’re booking a stay, not an Airbnb Experience
    • You’re not booking a long-term reservation of 28 days or more
    • The payment isn’t for an alteration to a previous payment or for a Resolution Center request

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