Airbnb Announces “Verified Identification”

Company launches new trust tool that confirms a user’s online identity matches their offline identificatio

San Francisco, Calif. (April 30, 2013) – Airbnb today announced Verified Identification, a new tool designed to increase transparency and build trust in its global community. Verified Identification, which the company is beginning to roll out in the U.S. today, confirms that an Airbnb user’s online identity is consistent with their offline identification. It’s the latest example of Airbnb’s innovation in the trust arena, building on features like the $1 Million Host Guarantee, secure payment structure, and 24/7 customer service.

“Airbnb gives you access to the world in a way that was never before possible,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. “Access is built on trust, and trust is built on transparency. When you remove anonymity, it brings out the best in people. We believe anonymity has no place in the future of Airbnb or the sharing economy.”

The Airbnb platform uniquely links online transactions with offline experiences. Verified Identification does the same, matching online and offline ID. Users go to to:

·      Confirm their established online identity (through pre-existing Airbnb reviews, LinkedIn, or Facebook);

·      Provide proof of their offline identity (by either confirming historical personal information or by scanning their photo ID); and

·      The two names (online and offline) must match.

Starting today, 25% of guests based in the USA will be required to go through the Verified Identification process before they can make a reservation. Over time, Airbnb will expand this percentage, and any user can voluntarily complete the Verified Identification process by visiting Airbnb hosts will have the option of requiring that all their guests verify their identification before booking a reservation. Hosts who choose this option will be required to verify their own identification as well.

“In a marketplace like Airbnb, trust is built when guests and hosts are empowered to make informed, responsible decisions,” said Monroe Labouisse, Director of Customer Service at Airbnb. “Verified Identification is the latest tool we’ve built to help them do so.”

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