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    Accommodaties die berekend zijn op COVID-19-hulpverleners

    Accommodaties die berekend zijn op COVID-19-hulpverleners

    Dicht bij je patiënten en op veilige afstand van familie.
    Door Airbnb op 13 apr. 2020
    3 min. leestijd
    Bijgewerkt op 18 sep. 2020

    Airbnb hosts are offering specially prepared stays for COVID-19 responders, and Airbnb is waiving fees for the first 100,000 bookings by healthcare staff and first responders.

    What you can expect

    • Comfortable spaces
      We want to make sure you feel comfortable booking on Airbnb, which is why Frontline Stays are specially prepared for COVID-19 responders. Hosts in this program have agreed to follow an extensive cleaning and disinfecting checklist aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 before and after each stay. Hosts must also allow for 72 hours between each stay.
    • Listings at every price range
      Hosts are offering their spaces for free, at a discount, or at their regular price. You’ll be able to browse through different options and find a place that’s right for you. Note that hosts decide whether to participate in the Frontline Stays program and what price to set. If you can’t find a Frontline Stay in your location, check back often as Airbnb is working with hosts every day to get more availability.
    • No Airbnb service fees
      When you book a Frontline Stay for your COVID-19 support work, Airbnb will waive our service fees on the first 100,000 bookings by healthcare staff and first responders through this program.

    How to book a Frontline Stay on Airbnb

    1. Log into your Airbnb account. If you don't have one, go to and click Sign up. You can use your work or personal email address.
    2. Visit to get started. Be sure to bookmark this starting point in case you need to come back to it.
    3. Next, we’ll ask a few questions about your COVID-19-related work. Please be sure that the work info you submit is as accurate and detailed as possible.
    4. After you enter your info, we’ll do a quick check on it. If everything looks good, 
you’ll be invited to browse Frontline Stays. 
You may not get an invite right away if we’re unable to complete our initial check on your work info.
    5. When you receive your invite to book, you’ll be able to browse available places to stay. Make sure you click through from your invite email into Airbnb so you can access Frontline Stays. Once you’re on Airbnb, enter your travel dates and the location of where you need a place to find entire homes and hotel rooms.
    6. Once you book a stay, we’ll do a thorough verification of your COVID-19 work info. If we aren’t able to verify it, we’ll unfortunately have to cancel your booking.

      Answers to your top questions about Frontline Stays

      Are Frontline Stays on Airbnb free?
      Hosts set their own pricing for their Frontline Stays, which are listed for free, at a discount, or at the standard nightly rate. To help lower costs, Airbnb is waiving our service fees on the first 100,000 bookings by COVID-19 responders through this program.

      What are the cancellation policies like?
      These policies are set by the hosts themselves. When you’re browsing Frontline Stays, be sure to scroll down and review the cancellation policy for every place you’re interested in. The host’s cancellation policy applies to a Frontline Stay.

      What are the types of available accommodations?
      Frontline Stays may include entire homes and hotel rooms. HotelTonight, now part of the Airbnb family, has hotel rooms prepared for COVID-19 responders. When you book a Frontline Stay, you’ll get the entire place to yourself with no other guests or hosts present, except if you book a room at a hotel. For the health and safety of the community, there aren’t any private rooms or shared accommodations in this program.

      How are these accommodations specially prepared for COVID-19 responders?
      Hosts on Airbnb have agreed to follow these COVID-19 cleaning guidelines. If you book a Frontline Stay at a hotel on Airbnb, they’ll follow their own cleaning guidelines.

      How can I share this info with my colleagues or hospital/organization?
      To share Airbnb’s Frontline Stays program with other hospital staff and first responders, tell them to visit to get started. Hospitals and organizations can also use Airbnb to provide accommodations for healthcare professionals affiliated with their hospital by filling out this form. This will allow them to pay and book on behalf of their employees.

      Will there be available accommodations in my area?
      Hosts decide whether to offer their places to COVID-19 responders, so we can’t guarantee that something will be available close to where you need to be. We’re working with hosts to get more availability on Airbnb every day.

      13 apr. 2020
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