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Part of the living area, with entrance to your sunny balcony.
Part of the living area, with entrance to your sunny balcony.
  • Part of the living area, with entrance to your sunny balcony.
  • The cosy kitchen, equipped with a modern refrigerator and big stove. Pots, pans, tea and coffee are provided! Please note, this is a shared kitchen, guests staying in our attic apartment will also use it.
  • Have your breakfast, afternoon tea, your glass of whiskey or your game of chess in this sweet little corner.
  • Lovely right?
  • Kitchen detail.
  • Kitchen view.
  • A big stove and oven (as we own a small restaurant you might guess - we love to cook!).
  • The stairs where you enter the first floor, where you'll be staying (kitchen/bathroom/living space are all on this floor).
  • Hallway view. The closed door in the middle leads to the top floor, where other guests may stay in the attic appartment. To the right is a sneak peek of your private living and sleeping area.
  • Our wonderful sea view apartment * Bonte Kraai *
  • You can close and lock your living and sleeping area for your own privacy.
  • We have tried to create a relaxing atmosphere, so you can feel right at home after your day at the beach or exploring the surrounding dunes, towns or cities.
  • One step from your private area into the kitchen where you can prepare your meals.
  • Our wonderful sea view apartment * Bonte Kraai *
  • Our love for quirky furniture and coast-related objects is displayed throughout the building.
  • We hope you will appreciate and love our original art pieces.
  • Through to the other side of the living area.
  • Bedroom details (with a large sculpture by Bas Haasnoot, a local artist).
  • No need to count sheep here, the birds will help you sleep too!
  • A new and comfortable bed for two. It's quite large!
  • We own several original pieces by Bas Haasnoot, which you will find displayed throughout the house.
  • If you have time to watch tv, you can do so on your comfy couch.
  • Ofcourse we will provide you with some town information, but don't hesitate to ask us about anything you'd like to see or do!
  • In the corridor you'll find a laundry rack and fan, feel free to use them!
  • Entry to the balcony.
  • From around 14.00 you can enjoy the sunshine on your balcony.
  • The building is located at a central square, with a historic church and shops close by. A so called 'tourist market' is held every Tuesday in July and August. You're close to the hustle and bustle of small town life!
  • Tourist market view. Held only on Tuesdays in July and August. A regular market with veg, fruit and homewares is held every Friday on a square elsewhere in Katwijk, about 15 minutes by foot.
  • Our wonderful sea view apartment * Bonte Kraai *
  • A separate bathroom and toilet.
  • Towels and organic products are provided.
  • Our wonderful sea view apartment * Bonte Kraai *
  • You can use our washing machine and detergent whenever you want. When we have guests on our top floor they may use it too, but we will discuss this first!
  • Take a fresh shower after a swim.
  • Detail in the hallway.
  • The stairs leading to the restaurant and front door.
  • Welcome to our restaurant. Feel free to cook your own meals upstairs, but don't hesitate to take a seat here when you're not in the mood for cooking. You'll find a menu in your apartment!
  • We like to get creative with our cafe decor...
  • Enjoy a cappuccino downstairs.
  • Restaurant view from the square. You'll be staying on the first floor. Our cosy attic room is also for rent!
  • We organize events every once in a while. Here fresh fish was fried in front of our restaurant, and served with a green bean and potato salad!
  • We serve burgers (meat, vegetarian, vegan, even seaweed!), pasta, curry and several other organic meals at our cafe.
  • Every once in a while we'll serve live music too! But don't worry about rest or sleep, these events are always finished around 21.00 PM.
  • We hope to welcome you soon in sunny Katwijk aan Zee!
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Part of the living area, with entrance to your sunny balcony.