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Inspirerend verblijf in Schagerbrug
Inspirerend verblijf in Schagerbrug
  • Living room with lounge chairs
  • Inspirerend verblijf in Schagerbrug
  • Pantheorai is the name of the place. Recognizable from the road when you arrive
  • Inspirerend verblijf in Schagerbrug
  • Open doors give access to the garden
  • Natural light in the living room
  • Enjoy the sunset behind the old barn
  • Open space
  • Dining table in the living room
  • Lounge chairs in the living room
  • Enough wood for a cosy fire in the evening (no extra charge)
  • Floor heating throughout the whole building
  • Sliding doors with stained glass give access to the bedroom
  • Large living room with sofabed
  • Outside view
  • Living room is next to the kitchen
  • Kitchen with freezer,  microwave, stove and small dishwasher
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen table and  music system in the closet
  • Kitchen next to living area and bedroom
  • Kitchen next to bathroom (sliding door)
  • Access the building through the doors on the right
  • Washing machine
  • Shower and toilet located next to each other
  • Detail image of the showerhead
  • Extra private space behind the guesthouse
  • Outside fireplace with enough wood during your stay
  • Old water management system, next to the house
  • Enjoy the sunshine  in the garden
  • The road to Schagen and the Sea near Sint Maarten Zee or  Callantsoog
  • Fruit trees in the garden
  • View across the countryside
  • A wide view over the garden, seen from the guesthouse
  • The garden outside, with table and fireplace
  • Summertime on the countryside
  • More summertime on the countryside
  • Private space can be closed of for dogs or  little children
  • Sliding doors give access to the bedroom
  • Sliding doors closed
  • Kitchen left, bedroom right, and living room in the center
  • Bedroom with doors to access the private garden
  • Bedroom sliding doors give access to the living room
  • Bedroom with doors to access the private garden
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Inspirerend verblijf in Schagerbrug