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Vind op Airbnb een accommodatie in Pitcairneilanden

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Accommodaties in Pitcairneilanden
Welcome to Pitcairn, one of the most remotely inhabited islands on the planet. This is a community home stay listing which means that we are not one home stay, but rather a group of 13 homes stays and private rentals on the island of Pitcairn for you to choose from.
We have 13 local homes on the island that are open for welcoming guests. We cater mostly to experienced travelers and also those who are comfortable in their own company...because you will have a good deal of alone time to reflect and relax in one of the most remote places on earth. Accommodation on Pitcairn ranges from self-catered apartments to private rooms. Amenities range as well—with some home stays offering meals, laundry, complimentary dinner beverages, transfers and touring. In terms of interaction with your hosts, our home stays range from very interactive to letting you do your thing... we just need to know what you're after. Getting to Pitcairn is a highlight for all and a significant part of the total adventure. It includes two nights aboard a working cargo ship that visits Pitcairn only a handful of times throughout the year. Because of the sailing schedule, guests are able to stay on Pitcairn for either 3 or 10 nights. The cargo ship departs from French Polynesia, which means guests will need to make their way to Papeete, Tahiti, and then fly 4.5 hours from Papeete to Mangareva where they’ll catch the freighter headed for Pitcairn. Since travel to Pitcairn is dependent upon the freighter sailing schedule, please send us a message and we can advise when the next ship is running and help you plan your voyage to Pitcairn.
Pitcairn is a laid-back travel destination with a variety of activities available. Your home stay hosts will be happy to help you plan your activities while on Pitcairn-- activities like: -Walking the Eco Trail to Sailors Hide and Christian’s Cave -Diving or snorkeling the wrecks of the HMS Bounty and the SS Cornwallis -Quad Bike Touring around the island -Visiting the Pitcairn Island Museum -Fishing with the locals and hopefully a resulting fish fry -Self Guided Walks -Playing a Game of Tennis -Swimming in St. Paul’s Pool -Shopping authentic Pitcairn curio and crafts -Visiting the grave of John Adams, the last survivor of the HMS Bounty mutineers -Visiting the SDA Church -Hand feeding Ms. T, the Islands only Galapagos Tortoise -Hiking to Down Rope (With a Local Guide only)




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