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    Hoe bewaar ik een favoriete ervaring of accommodatie?

    To keep track of experiences or places to stay that interest you, you can save them.

    To save an experience or place to stay:

    1. When you find an experience or place to stay you like, click or tap the heart icon or Save
    2. If this is your first favorite, or you want to start a new list, click Create a list (or if you’re using the Airbnb app, tap Create a new list) and name it (ex. “Los Angeles Outings” or “Romantic Getaways”), then click or tap Create
    3. If you want to add to an existing list, click or tap the existing list’s name, then click or tap Done

    To control who can review your lists of favorites, click or tap the 3-dot icon by a list’s name, make a choice in the Who can view this list section, then click or tap Save.

    Note: You can review your lists of favorites anytime.

    Heb je de hulp gekregen die je nodig had?

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