Beste Winkelcentra in Amsterdam

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The two main shopping streets in Amsterdam’s city centre are the Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat. Of the two, the Leidsestraat has the more exclusive shops like Filippa K, Karen Millen, Paul Warm... lees meer

The street begins at Dam Square and ends roughly 750 meters down near the Munttoren tower at Muntplein square. This tower was once a gate in the medieval city walls. After the walls were built, the... lees meer

Kalverstraat is located right in the city center. It begins at Dam Square and ends at Munt Tower in Muntplein Square. Hours for individual shops vary, but generally they’re open during business hou... lees meer

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Luxury shops in this shopping centre, but also the biggest supermarket in Amsterdam, Albert Heijn XXL. Also MARQT, with biological food of excellent quality. Asian food too: large Chinese/Korean su... lees meer

This place has a large grocery shop (Albert Heijn) open from 8am-10pm everyday. There are also a number of restaurants (~10) with various cuisine options.

There are cafes/restaurants in our mall (Asian x 3, Le Pain Quoitidien, Italian Bistro that wrap around the exterior) KROON is a fish stall. It's very Dutch to get herring, salmon or kibbeling. T... lees meer

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Shopping mall at ten minutes walk with two supermarkets, a baker, butcher, flowershop, liquor store, two wine shops, farmacy, banks, drug store, dry cleaning, bio-shop, pet store etc.

Shopping centre: butcher, 2 supermarkets, a fish shop, pharmacy, 2 drugstores, 2 liquor stores, a book store, et cetera.

Two supermarkets, Fish Shop, Wine Shop, News & Stationery, Dry Cleaners, Hardware shops, Chemist/Apothecary, Eye glasses, Organic Food shop, Bakery, Florists and more.

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Address of the Sailor. If you have booked the boat tour (100 euro, 3 hours, 4 persons max) you will either board at his houseboat or he will pick you up at your Airbnb stay.

Big shopping centre with H&M, V&D, Media Markt, Hema etc. Monday to Saturday there is a market, with a special farmers' market on Saturday. You can also find various supermarkets here.

A shopping mall with many bigger shops like H&M, C&A, Mediamarkt, Etos, Douglas, Albert Heijn, WE, Xenos, Hema, Blokker, Cool Cat etc.

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Theatre, small cinema, restaurants, cafe's, only 4 star rated shopping mall in The Netherlands, modern public library with nice cafe. Easily reached with neighborhood bus 149. See

Large, modern shopping centre with all the main brands, chemists, post office, supermarket and (pricey) parking. Markets on Tuesday (organic) and Friday.

Best shopping experience in the Netherlands. All big retailers are situated at the Stadshart, good parking facilities and everything on walking distance. Don't forget to visit Venstra, great booksh... lees meer

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Just around the corner of my house, a multicultural shopping centre where you find your daily needs and a place to eat if you don't want to go to town.

Centre of Zuid-Oost, neighboorhood with lot of Surinamese and African inhabitants. Beautiful place there is 'Shopperhal', possible to sniff some other continents culture there!

Here you'll find everything you need for daily life. Espessialy kim Yan (Surinaams restaurant) and Albert Hein, grocery store.

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Shoppingcenter with 45 shops. You can find a HEMA branch, a Dutch chain store, nice and cheap, known for their 'rookworst' and Vroom & Dreesman also offers affordable shopping.

The Kalvertoren, a shopping center that spreads over three levels, is located on the shopping street of the Netherlands - the Kalverstraat.

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All sorts of shops. Covered shopping area.

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Shopping Mall for your grocery's.

Here are supermarkets and all other kind of shops. Its a small shopping centre. Mostly from 10 AM until 17 PM.

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A nearby shopping centre. Here you will find everything for your basic needs.

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Supermarket, butcher, bakery and coffee bar.

Shoppingcenter with drugstore, chinese (dutch:)) food, HEMA; the national pride, biolicious, flowershop, butcher, bakery, bagels and beans etc....

From our house take tram 26 in the direction of Ijburg, second tram stop. There is also a Bagels and Beans, a good fish and butcher shop. And take a way Tai food. At the back of the shopping mall i... lees meer

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Very uninspiring shopping mall, but closeby and has two big drugstores and a pharmacie, could come in handy.

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A shopping centre with an array of shops and grocery chains available. However, access by car is a bit more challenging and is between 10-15 mins drive BUT by bike it is a 5-10 min bike ride. So yo... lees meer


Lola Loud

44 Derkinderenstraat·Kaart·Website·

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Inspiring place where young designers etc have popup stores. Als good for a cup of coffee are just nice to visite (in an old beautiful school)

Old school building. Retro alternative style. Art, second hand shops and coffee.

Pop-up cafe in an old school building. Just around the corner for take-away coffee.

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In this covered shopping mall you will find over 50 stores in fashion, lifestyle and beauty